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About the Studio

Echohill Studio is located in the beautiful King/Sabin neighborhood of Northeast Portland, just blocks away from great parks and food carts. There’s even an excellent drum shop, Rhythm Traders,  a 3 minute walk from the studio.

The studio is on the ground level and consists of a 34'x22' control room/comfortable lounge in the basement space and the adjacent 21'x17' foot live room in my converted garage. The rooms are sound proofed and sound treated. The control room is “mostly dead” for accurate monitoring while the adjacent room combines a mixture of absorbers and diffusers for a more lively sound, great for drum and instrument recordings. I also have access points to the rest of the house for when open and roomy sounds are desired (the living room is great for strings!). I have a variety of instruments, amplifiers and effect boxes available for use (see equipment page). There are 16 simultaneous inputs available, with a high quality analog front end. I'm equipped for a variety of tracking methods—standard overdub tracking through 4-5 person live tracking.

We've got a beautiful native plant-filled back yard and a spacious deck available for relaxation, meals, etc. The studio is also home to our very sweet pets, an older cat and a young dog who'll most certainly introduce themselves to you. We provide a friendly, comfortable environment conducive to putting you at ease to capture your best performances!

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