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Recording Rates and Booking

Standard rate for studio time is $30/hr


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I won't take on every client; I don't need to be in love with every song you plan to record, but I do need to believe in the project so that I can put 100% into it. It works best for both of us this way. If I decline to take on your project it doesn't mean I think you suck—it's just that I sense we may not be the best fit for each other, and hence you may not get my best work and vice-versa. I like to have detailed discussions, preferably via email prior to our recording date in which I learn a bit more about you and what to expect for the session. Though there is always setup time involved, I like to minimize this by having my sessions as ready to go as possible so we can get down to what you came for.


$100/song no editing

$150/song with editing


Whether I'm mixing a project you recorded with me or elsewhere, chances are it could benefit from some degree of editing in terms of timing and pitch. Busy sessions end with things needing quite a bit of work to complete prior to mixing—comping together final vocal or instrument takes, tuning vocals, etc. We can do this as part of the session (some vocalists love to be present for vocal comping, some HATE it), you can clean up the sessions on your own, or I can do this for a flat fee of  $50. It can often take me well over 2 hours/song to do this.


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Contact me if you're interested in my producing your recording. I find the distinction increasingly unclear for many new artists and indeed there is an enormous gray area between engineering and production, but I'm using the old school term here: if desired, I can oversee any and all aspects of your record making. This could be as little as coordinating the necessary session players and gently pushing everyone to achieve their best performance on up to help improving chord progressions and lyrics and everything in between. You tell me what you want and we'll figure it out. There is no special cost here other than my hourly rate or we can work out a flat fee. At a minimum, this involves listening to/discussing your demos prior to recording here.




Interested in learning how to mix your projects on your own? I’m happy to share what I’ve learned over the years about phase relationships, eq, compression, mix templates, A/B version comparisons, accurate listening environments and more. I can work directly on your song(s) with you in control, giving feedback and advice as to how’d I’d approach the mix. Shoot me an email and we’ll determine if my skills are a good fit for your situation and level of knowledge!


Struggling to make the most of the vast potential within the landscape of the Pro Tools? I’m not an official “Avid certified instructor”, but I’ve learned the ins and outs of this DAW over the 12+ years I’ve been using it and know how to get things set up to move FAST and effortlessly. Most young musicians are understandably on Logic these days, but if like me, you feel that PT is still the best, I can help get over hurdles and growing pains. Shoot me an email and let’s chat. 



I encourage clients to invest in professional mastering, as mastering is its own thing. I have good options to recommend ranging from $50-125/track. However, I know many artists don't leave much budget room for professional mastering and turn to cheap online options, some of which can result in bad outcomes. So if you’re leaning that direction I'd rather do it myself than have that happen! I don’t claim to have professional mastering skills, but I’m confident I can produce a better result than many cheapo online options. I won't do anything crazy with your song(s) but I will get them to the desired level, sequenced with transitions if for a longer release, and perhaps a touch of sweetening if it applies.

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